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Michael Gandolfi is one of the finest Belgian exports to the fashion world in the recent years. His intense and somewhat androgynous looks helped him find a niche in the competitive industry. Michael Gandolfi explodes as one of the hottest commodities in the business, landing campaigns for a wide range of international fashion houses, from Fendi to Tommy Hilfiger. Michael was born in Italy, but his family moved to Neoprene Belgium when he was at very young age. After high school, Michael went to university to study computer science. Michael was spotted by a talent scout at a soccer match. The scout actually followed him into the locker room after the match, so that he wouldn't have lost him. Michael's father is a hard working class man in tile business. After he learned that he his oldest son (Michael) wanted to be a model, he was very upset. Despite the disapproval from his family, Michael insisted on taking a different career path. With the help of some friends, he had a portfolio ready and visited a few bigger agencies in Brussels (the capital of Belgium). However, Michael was turned down by the agencies, which later turned out to be their huge mistakes. Not being defeated by a couple of rejections, Michael left home for Milan at the age of 21. After many casting calls and a period of struggle, at which time he had to live with five other models in an apartment from the agency, his perseverance finally paid off. Michael's first exposure through his "seaside" assignment got him the needed attention from major brand names. By the end of the first year of his arrival in Milan, Michael had been chosen by Fendi, Roberto Cavalli, Miu-Miu, Prada and Hugo Boss for their catwalks and public campaigns. Michael is also a rising star for his New York based Agency, Ford Models. With his North American exposure through Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, Michael indeed has conquered the world of high fashion.
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Michael Gandolfi 
Data di Nascita 
05 Luglio, 1956 
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