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The combination of elegance and masculinity has become the trademark of Gabriel Aubry in the world of fashion. As one of the top male models in the business, this proud Canadian radiates his glamour and elegance in many of his works. Perhaps, this quality is the essence that captivates his fans worldwide, and drives designers repeatedly to seek his image in representing their products, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. Gabriel Aubrey is a native of Montreal Canada, where he was born and raised. Gabriel was discovered when He was approached by a stylist in a night club. His following exposure on local fashion news spreads lead to his early assignments with Calvin Klein, Versace, Exte and a few others, but Gabriel didn't achieved his supermodel status untill the arrival of the new millenium, when he was exclusively featurd in Hugo Boss ad campaigns. This beautiful adonis now belongs to a group of elite models in the industry. Currently residing in New York, Gabriel is constantly under the attention of fashion media. Gabriel is still a little reserved and timid around paparazzi, maybe because he is from Canada and is still influenced by the relatively conservative Canadian culture. Gabriel admits that he is far from the sexy image and glamour that his employers try to portray him in the eyes of the public. "I was always a super-shy person. I do not like to be taken pictures and followed by cameras.", says Gabriel. Gabriel has been on the top of modeling business for many years, which is a rare case for male models. Gabriel was once described as the prototype of androgynous boyish model that prevailed at the moment in the fashion. But, his sharpened nose, blue eyes and square chin in addition to his seductive glance add edge and versatility to his already beautiful looks, which secured him a spot for the long haul. Despite a long list of campaigns under his belt, Gabriel is best known for his works for Hugo Boss. Gabriel has made his marks in the fashion industry through his various Hugo Boss compaigns over the years, especially when he joined Mini Anden and Amber Valleta in the Spring/Summer 2002 campaigns. Both campaigns were shot by the accomplished photographer Craig McDean. These campaign ads has been described as one of the best examples of romanticism in high fashion advertisements. On the runways, Gabriel is one of the favorites of Versace, Cerruti, Ralph Lauren, and among others. He established the fact that Canadians can and will be known as one of the most important suppliers of top male models for the fashion industry, joined by such names as Phil Missig, Joel McMillan and Robert Perovich proving just that.
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Gabriel Aubry 
Data di Nascita 
04 Gennaio, 1976 
Luogo di Nascita 
Montreal, Canada Current Residence: New York  
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