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Luigi Mastrangelo is born to Saint Croce di Magliano in 1958. It lives and it works to Bologna where in 1984 it begins its series of personal extensions that see it engaged from 1988 to 1996 in all Italy and also in Germany in 1988. As far as the collective extensions Mastrangelo it begins in 1982 to Copporo (Bologna) and from then practically nearly every year in exposures in Italy and to the foreign country is engaged, in particular in 1991 is in Japan, to Tokyo, to the International Comunity House with the collective "Corner Sister" and to the Art Gallery Cygnus. In its works, with which it has developed particularly the topic of the self-portrait in Edenic atmospheres, Mastrangelo uses numerous techniques, from that most usual one of the most precious painting to oil to those and unusual ones of the mosaic and the vetrata one.
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Luigi Mastrangelo 
joueur de volleyball 
Date De Naissance 
17 Août, 1975 
Endroit de naissance 
Saint Croce di Magliano 
Adresse de courrier 
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