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Corey Ian Haim was born on December 23, 1971, to Judy and Bernie Haim, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has one older sister, Carol, and a much younger brother, Daniel Lee. A few of his interests as a child included collecting Archie comics, creating music on his keyboards, and playing ice hockey. In fact, he was considering becoming a professional hockey player when, through an accident of fate, he was bitten by the acting bug while attending an audition with his sister. In 1982, Corey scored a gig with a Canadian television series, "The Edison Twins." By 1984, young Corey had made his way to Los Angeles with the American film, FIRST BORN, co-starring as Teri Garr's youngest son in the drama. Just a year later, Corey was slated for four more films! It was in 1986 when he won hearts - and a rave review from Roger Ebert - for his role as the lovable title character in LUCAS. Corey's charisma and talent then gained the favor of director, Joel Schumacher, which led to Corey's pivotal role in THE LOST BOYS. This is where Corey met the other half of "THE COREYS" - Corey Feldman - so dubbed by their seven co-starring roles together and incredible onscreen chemistry. "THE COREYS" shared many good times together while filming everything from THE LOST BOYS, LICENSE TO DRIVE, and DREAM A LITTLE DREAM (1 & 2), to BUSTED in 1996. During this time, Corey also made his production debut, producing the films DEMOLITION HIGH and DEMOLITION UNIVERSITY. Unfortunately, "THE COREYS" shared more than their teen stardom - they also shared their much-publicized drug problems. After repeated attempts at rehab, Corey suffered serious health problems in 2001 which finally enabled him to kick his drug habits and get back on course with his career and his life. He returned to film in 2002, co-starring with Priscella Barnes (Three's Company) in THE BACK LOT MURDERS. The much anticipated UNIVERSAL GROOVE, filmed predominantly in Montreal in 2000, is reportedly being released later this year. Corey's commentary can be seen on the dvd releases of LICENSE TO DRIVE Special Edition (2005) and THE LOST BOYS Special Edition (2004). After doing publicity for the dvd release of THE LOST BOYS, rumour had it that Corey & Corey would love to participate in a sequel to the film. However, during an interview with Underground Online, Haim states that he "would not ruin the first one..." Corey states in early 2006 on a video clip produced by VH1 that he is currently training for a new role in a movie that begins filming within the upcoming months. It will certainly be a pleasure to see the "Haimster" once again gracing our screens - Welcome back, Corey, we've missed you! iWebTrack
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Corey Haim 
Date De Naissance 
23 Décembre, 1971 
Endroit de naissance 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
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