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Daniela Cicarelli was born on Novembre 8, 1978 in Bello Horizonte, Brazil into a traditional but fiery Italian family. TGiven that most Brazilian models get started no later than age 15, going pro at 20 was something of a late start. In light of this, Daniella was a bit shaky, but she was also more mature, more sure of herself and better educated than many of her peers. The job offers began to pile up on her doorstep. She did catwalks, magazine shoots, catalogs... the works. But it was a 2001 Pepsi ad that really detonated Daniella's career. From that moment on, she seemed to be all TV all the time. Popular websites showcasing hot women spread Daniella's name. A centerfold in the men's magazine VIP made her such a star that Brazilian media giant TV Globo cast her in the soap opera As Filhas da Mãe (The Mother's Daughters), where she costarred in no fewer than 40 episodes. Daniella was so hot, in fact, that Brazil's national hero, the Real Madrid striker Ronaldo, fell for her when the two met at a party. They began dating, and soon the model conquered the the soccer world just as she had the fashion industry. Soccer websites across the globe rushed to post pics of Ronaldo's new stunner, and Daniella became a true international celebrity. It was soon announced that Daniella was pregnant, and the couple moved to Spain with wedding plans. Daniella returned to her family and friends in her native land, renewed her contract with MTV Brasil and signed up to host a new show, Beija Sapo (Kiss the Frog). Daniella lives in São Paulo.
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Daniela Bello 
Date De Naissance 
06 Novembre, 1978 
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Belo Horizonte, Brazil 
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