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Born in France, 'It Girl' and party animal Victoria is a daughter of the playboy Victor Hervey, 6th Marquess of Bristol (1915-1985), and Yvonne Marie, his third wife and former secretary. Victoria spent the first two years of her life at Ickworth, before her parents went into tax exile in Monte Carlo. She was a boarder at Benenden School for five years, after which she was offered a place to read French and the history of art at Bristol University. Instead, though, she became the producer Michael Winner's receptionist. She then moved on to be a catwalk model for Dior and an Elite fashion model. Victoria opened (with a friend, Jayne Blight) an ultra-smart designer boutique in Knightsbridge, London, called Akademi, but it did not last. However, her trading company, Mogumbo, is still in existence. She has also been a columnist for the Sunday Times Style Magazine. Hugely successful as one of those people who are famous mostly for being famous, she is now known to be keen to get into acting, and spent part of 2002 in Los Angeles. Still single, she had a long partnership with Danish restaurateur Mogens Tholstrup (fifteen years older than her, she used to call him 'Grandpa'). Her name has also been linked with business man Seb Bishop, racing driver David Coulthard, rock star Mick Hucknell, designer Scott Henshall, former Boyzone member Shane Lynch, Alex Sibley, Nathan Roberts (winner of the television show Model Behaviour), and Lord Freddie Windsor, the son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. A blind dinner date with Prince Andrew finished after the first course when she departed for another engagement at a lap-dancing club. When she is between entanglements, a Norfolk terrier called Zulu is reported to sleep on Victoria's pillow. Victoria has a younger sister, Lady Isabella Hervey (born 1982), a younger brother, Frederick, the present Lord Bristol (born 1979), and two other half-brothers, both deceased. Those who slate Victoria as empty-headed often know nothing of her traumatic family background. Her playboy father became the first English Marquess to go to prison for theft, and her half-brother Johnnie, the 7th Marquess (born 1955), was a ne'er-do-well and drug addict. He was jailed for nine months for smuggling cocaine into Jersey and later became the first member of the House of Lords to be deported from Australia. Johnnie died in 1999 from flu and Hepatitis B, after selling off the family's estate (called Ickworth) in Sussex, and running through most of his huge fortune, having spent several millions on drugs. Victoria's second half-brother, Lord Nicholas Hervey, was a schizophrenic who hanged himself in 1998. Her childhood was largely spent on the run from the nastier side of the British press, and there was less privilege about it than is generally thought - Victoria has survived more than most of us have to cope with in a lifetime.
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Lady Victoria Hervey 
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03 Octobre, 1976 
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