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Jasmin Wagner was born in Hamburg, Germany, on April 20, 1980. Along with her mother Marija, father Fritz Joachim, and younger brother Christian, she grew up in a pleasant suburban house. She liked playing in the yard so much that her mother gave her the nickname of Blumchen, which means Blossom in English. Having been featured in a catalog when she was 4, Jasmin later began singing in the school choir. Around the same time, she started playing piano with her best friend and her parents then got her piano lessons. However, Jasmin would have rather played the violin. In the early '90s, Jasmin's parents went through tough times and eventually split up. Although Marija had custody of the children, their dad was still in the picture. Jasmin dealt with this tumultuous time by joining the local cheerleading squad, "Blue Angels." Unbeknownst to this 14-year-old girl, this would be the most decisive move of her life. The cheerleading garnered her offers to dance in commercials and music videos.
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Jasmin Wagner 
Date De Naissance 
20 Avril, 1980 
Endroit de naissance 
Hamburg, Germany,  
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