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Meanwhile BIOGRAPHIE Vanilla Ice embarrassing to be, is for Vanilla Ice (or v-Ice, as it occasionally calls itself) more habit thing than a problem. The blond Foehnwellen One hit Wonder might have stepped in the meantime into each fat cell, which gives the Pop world. To give up it wants nevertheless not and continues to work since its megasuccess "Ice, Ice, baby" lively on plates, which appear practical to the public under exclusion. If Robert Van does not bend (like at the 31.Oktober the 1968 in Miami Lakes, Florida born Ice with civil name is called) also much good can, then he has the over Hinwegsehen at least fully drauf. Although the critics tear constantly the muzzle up over it and his musical abilities, he defies everything and rather trusts on itself. Already on the 91er American Music Awards announced it to loud neck its life slogan: "all people, which want to hold back me, can kiss my white ass!" At that time Vanilla Ice could still take the liberty such sayings. As smaller whiter RWSBY he is discovered 1987 of Tony Quon in town center the Lights club to Dallas. Quon been promoted to Ices manager and forms fast a kind white MC hammer out of it, which makes RAP salonable by a smooth and clean kind also for white Vorstadtkids. 1989 publish Ice its debut "Hooked" - however with moderate success. That is to suddenly change, when 1990 SBK the plate under the new name "ton of The of extremes" publishes records again and makes Vanilla Ice still another trace "more cooler". V-Ice turns out to a hermaphrodite nature between b-Boy-Style and Glitter and shoots with energetic support of MTV at place unity of the American Charts - only 16 weeks later he disappears again from this throne. World-wide The of extremes "sell themselves more than 15 million copies from" tons. On the high point of his success the journalists begin, in Vanilla Ices past around too schnueffeln and become there also fast fuendig. V-Ice grows up in one of the poorer quarters of Miami with its nut/mother and never gets its father to face, with its combed personal record, which reads itself like a kind course TA encyclopedia, has its true history however in common. The breath of a trace is not even to be found by Street Credibility. Vanilla Ice must suffer the largest low impact, when he must confess that single "Ice, Ice baby" SAM-polarizes its hit nevertheless on one from "Under Pressure" been based. Afterwards v-Ices career knows only a direction: strictly downward. In order to tax away to the Hype at least still another little money, the Live album appears "Extremely Live", but the sales figures stay also here behind expectations. When to it also still its film "Cool As Ice" comes briefly into the cinemas, is Vanilla Ice already so down through that the cinema halls remain practically empty. The pertinent sound TRACK, on which Ice a Duett with Naomi Campbell sings, is not times so for a long time in the Charts, as "ton was The of extremes" on number unity. Also its appearance in the turtle drama "Turtles 2" is only moderately successful. The crash the boy from Miami does not want to admit itself however, he rumbles rather on its second album "Mindblowin" prollig against everything and everyone. The former megastar tries in vain with his drug consumption and force glorification posaunten out to the major League of the course TA RAP to be taken up. The plate is a veritabler total Flop. On it Ice briefly suffers an overdose, which he only scarcely survived and which becomes the turning point in its life. After its recovery he finds to God, marries and gets two daughters. As, like he it designates, "emotional therapy" tried v-Ice again the way into the music. With a small appearance on the hit album "One Fierce Beer Coaster" the Bloodhound course it provides again something attention and uses themselves these skillfully, in order to return 1998 with "hard ton of Swallow". The plate does not produce - one dares to hardly believe it - anybody other one than Ross Robinson, whose work with the Deftones, grain, Limp Bizkit or Slipknot the music world umgekrempelt already more than once duly. With it Vanilla Ice tries, the hard Nu Metal sound (or like he it expresses: "it is not Rock'n'Roll. It no Hip Hop. One calls it ' Skate skirt ', and only one handful of people plays this sound.") and fails to the time to adapt again pitifully. Later it tries three years Vanilla Ice then with Prominenz. For "bipolar" it schart Chuck D, Wu-seaweed La The Darkman and the Insane clown Posse around itself. But again the public has few for it remaining. Something similar applies Hot Sex"(2003) to its next album with the original title for "
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Vanilla Ice 
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16 December, 1967 
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houston texas usa 
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