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One of the first acts signed to Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst's label, Flawless Records, was the alt-metal quartet Puddle of Mudd -- consisting of Wesley Reid Scantlin (guitar and vocals), Paul James Phillips (guitar), Douglas John Ardito (bass), Nano Site and Greg David Upchurch (drums). While their songs expectedly contain the rage of such contemporaries as Korn and Rage Against the Machine, Scantlin's voice at times is eerily similar to Nirvana's late great frontman Kurt Cobain, containing unmistakable elements of traditional hard rock (unlike the other aforementioned band's penchant for rap). August 2001 saw the release of their major label debut, Come Clean (which was preceded by the independent release Abrasive), as they embarked on a European tour with Godsmack a month later, before touring the U.S. as part of the Family Values 2001 tour, alongside Stone Temple Pilots, Linkin Park, and Staind.
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Puddle Of Mudd 
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20 December, 1989 
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Puddle Of Mudd - Psycho

Puddle Of Mudd - Psycho
Music video by Puddle Of Mudd performing Psycho. YouTube view counts pre-VE

Puddle Of Mudd - We Don't Have To Look Back Now

Puddle Of Mudd - We Don't Have To Look Back Now
Music video by Puddle Of Mudd performing We Don

Puddle Of Mudd - Stoned

Puddle Of Mudd - Stoned
Music video by Puddle Of Mudd performing Stoned. (C) 2010 Flawless / Geffen

Puddle Of Mudd - Control

Puddle Of Mudd - Control
Music video by Puddle Of Mudd performing Control. (C) 2001 Flawless / Geff

Puddle Of Mudd- Blurry

Puddle Of Mudd- Blurry
"Blurry" All rights reserved to Universal Music Group Everything&#

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