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"Its complete name is Paschal Antonio Aguilar Barraza. In the Fifties, to the time that began like singer, incursionó in the cinema with small participation. In 1952, it obtained his first important paper in the chaste Susano, and, four years later, first stellar Land opportunity received his of men, of Ismael Rodriguez. In its trajectory, they emphasize its multiple rancheras comedies and their repeated characterization of popular or historical personages, like Heraclio Bernal, Emiliano Zapata, Felipe Cheek Port, Gabino Barrier and Lucio Vázquez. Also, its interest stands out to give to opportunities to producers and subjects little conventional or moved away of the purely commercial vein. Also, she has been scenarist and scriptwriter, from mid the Sixties, and has produced an important number of tapes, among them, several of whom have been protagonist. In its filmografía as actor titles are counted like: Now I am rich (1952), the stone bed (1957), the cockroach (1958), come the Argumedo ( 1961), the brothers Of the Iron ( 1961), chestnut and rosillo ( 1964), Travelling (the murder of Cheek Port, 1973 ), Albur of love ( 1979), and Cleverness There (1985); as scenarist or scriptwriter worked in: Emiliano Zapata (1970), that also produced, the noticeable ones (1970), who also produced, the death of Pancho Villa (1973), White Simón (1974), the king (1975), the death of a gallero (1977), My horse the singer (1977), Albur of love (1979) and Contraband and death (1984). In as much, within the twenty of film that has produced are the glass eye (1967), To return, to return, to return (1975), Argumedo Youngest child ( the rebel , 1978), the triunfadores (1978), the excited binoculars (1981), Night of carnival (1981), the idiot who made miracles (1982), Lamberto Quintero (1987), Sad memory (1990) and the güera Chabela (Jesus Chains, 1992). Of enormous fame like singer, as much in Mexico as in many sites of the American continent, also it has made multiple presentations of its ecuestre spectacle, accompanied by its wife, Wild Flower, and of its children, who already have incursionado in the cinema next to their father. "
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Antonio Aguilar 
Birth Date 
17 May, 1926 
Birth place 
Villanueva, Zacatecas 
Mail address 
No. 1579 Henry street  

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