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It seems that from when "Sanremo Young" has graduated it for the Festivalone of March 2002, its situated Internet ( registries daily a crazy number of contacts. Situated "its" in the sense more appropriated the term from the moment that Andrea Febo, Roman, 27 years, electronic and gotten passionate expert of computer science, that situated if just it is constructed it alone and when the time glielo grants puts indeed us within all if same, finds the way to tell itself seriously. What a lot appreciated from the feminine public (Andrea has worked as model and has interpreted small roles in tv: we also say that the aesthetic one is from its part), but also from who the slid November is not remained indifferent to the introduced song, that "Boh Back" that faced in way a lot originates them the topic of the escape from all that that it can become insopportabile in the quotidianità: but, a lot realistically and in absence of a precise objective (exactly "boh"), to end in order to appreciate those same things that little before you had seemed intolerable. Andrea Febo comes from the Academy of Sanremo (is one of the 4 selects to you between 1200 participants) but its origins of musician come from much more far away. To twelve years it studies guitar and song and it composes its first songs, while in first years ' 90, little more than adolescent, it is already a fixed presence in the circuit of the clubs of the understood one them where music from the alive one is made and where it is being born new music and song of author. The years are these in which Andrea its style elaborates that - after an intense job carried out with Stefano Prophet, Alessandra Carnivals and Biagio Pagano - and beyond thirty songs today in the light of written and ready to enter in part in its album of debut, appears like a flow of ideas, suggestions, inventions inherited from its same passions and interests that go from the cinema to the comic strips, to the same technology. With pleasant lightness its idea of music POP spouse to a semplicità that often becomes accomplice of one gustosa irony. That today, it is not a mystery for nobody, it is the more effective way in order to say things series. "To the Infinite", the song in contest, will very help to define the personality of Andrea and to decipher of a talent elegant not shown. In wait to know it better, other particular signs: Andrea is one sport (is a good swimmer), he loves the good kitchen (passes various hours in front of the stoves for hobby), and rilassa with the cruciverba.
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Andrea Febo 
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27 January, 1945 
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