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Andrea Bocelli (born September 22, 1958 in Lajatico, Tuscany, Italy) is a singer, writer and music producer. An operatic tenor, he has released four complete operas (La Boheme, Il Trovatore, Werther and Tosca) and over eleven other albums, both classical and popular in style. He has two sons Amos (b. 1995) and Matteo (b. 1997). He was married but has since separated from his only wife, Enrica. Bocelli was born with glaucoma, and was blinded at the age of 12 by a brain hemorrhage, which he suffered when hit on the head playing football (soccer). He will not discuss his disability and has always played it down. As a child Andrea was already playing the church organ, and at the age of 12 won the Margherita d'Oro in Viareggio with O sole mio, his first competition win. After working for a year as a lawyer (he graduated as a Doctor of Law from the University of Pisa) he undertook singing lessons from Maestro Luciano Bettarini, taking up music full time. He has never stopped his vocal training, attending a master class with renowned tenor Franco Corelli in Torino, for example.
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Andrea Bocelli 
Birth Date 
22 September, 1958 
Birth place 
Lajatico, Tuscany, Italy 
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