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Been born at Milan december 22 of 1966, Alex begins to show itself in 1990 how singing in the local milanese while studies to graduate itself in chemistry. It is corista of the orchestra of the Italian Broadcasting Corporation in the edition 1996 of the Festival of Sanremo and in that occasion knows Mark OF angelo, to its time corista of the Festival, that presents it to Mark Rinalduzzi and Calabrian Utmost, “THE Pilots”. Between November 1996 and January 1997 Alex realizes its first album “Alex Barons” produced from M. Rinalduzzi and M. Calabrian. With them it writes all of the pieces of the disk that comes published in February, simultaneously to its participation to the Festival of Sanremo with “Change” To The Theater Ariston of Sanremo the interpretation of Alex leaves the mark: the jury of quality, presided over from Luciano Pavarotti, assigns to Alex Barons the like best prize voice of the festival, while the piece “Change” receives the Prize “to Fly” titled to Domenico Modugno. Thanks to the result of the sales it comes assigned the artist its first disk of gold. During the Tour '97 besides its Alex 50 concerts, it is shown in two occasions like supporter of artists from the international reputation what Sting (Court of assizes) and the Earth Wind & Fire (Hole Italico of Rome). To the end of November it goes out on the film screens the new production enlivened of Walt Disney “Hercules”, where Alex taken the voice to the ercole adolescent with the song “I Can Do Us It It”. In the December '97 is confirmed the size of Alex Barons that is invited to participate the edition 1998 of the Festival of Sanremo in the category Big where presents "Are You or You (what I Want)", contained in the new album that goes out immediately after the festival. The happened door the young artist also to Sanremo Top (May 1998), from where Alex leaves for the new Tour live that, for all of the summer, singer in the greater centers of the peninsula with a prestige of musicians of group sees it. To August in the course of the Tour '98 the artist participates and wins the “Sopot Festival” (Festival of the song in Poland). In the September '98 goes out the international disk of Alex Barons (“Waves”) in varied European Countries (Holland, Germany, Poland, Switzerland), that contains the better pieces extracted from its two intense activities discografici. In the February of the '99 Alex is rewarded in Capitol from the European Center for Tourism and Show with the oscar of the Young 1998. In the first days of the month of September it goes out the individual "liquid Floor" and the relevant videoclip that anticipate the publication of the third album of the artist from the title "Lately". The disk goes out 24 September and sees between the other the literary collaboration of Renato Zero in the piece "AND the sky taken me with if".
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Alex Baroni 
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22 December, 1966 
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