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Alessandro Blasetti, an Italian realizer who crossed without encumber all the periods of the Italian cinema. "It is not the wind vane which turns, it is the wind", will say one day malicious Edgar Faure. Born in Rome on July 3, 1900, Alessandro Blasetti makes initially studies of right. In 1919, it begins with the screen like appear at Mario Caserini. Without continuation... It turns then to journalism and becomes writer in "Impero", before founding the review criticizes "Cinematografo". With this occasion, it decides against the advent of the talking films. In 1929, its first realization, Sole (of which there is not any more whole copy), are greeted spoke critical, but know however the commercial failure. At the beginning of the Thirties, with the advent of Fascism, Blasetti does not hide its sympathies to the new political régime of its country. Within this framework, it launches out in large dressed up productions, glorifiant Italian nationalism, like Ettore Fieramosca (1938), an Adventure of Salvatore Rosa (1939) or the Iron Crown (1941). The Fifties see Blasetti taking part in two films with sketches, Heureuse Time and Some steps in the Life, before it does not launch out in the Dommage comedy which you Would be a Rabble and the Chance to be a woman. In 1968, the Italian realizer decides to put a term at his cinematographic career to turn to television, where it will continue to work until 1981. Alessandro Blasetti is deceased in Rome, February 1, 1987 Text of Christian Grenier of
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Alessandro Mara 
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