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Alberto Fortis is been born the 3 june 1955 to Domodossola, in province of Verbania (to the age was under the jurisdiction of Novara). The father was a medical promoted surgeon colonel of the Alpine ones for the acquired merits in a humanitarian action. He has been also sanitary director of the city. In its family there is other to luminare of the medicine: professor the Linen De Gasperis - first cousins of the mother of Alberto, passing when it had 17 years - that was first cardiochirurgo the Italian one of great reputation, let alone master of professor the Azzolina. Between Alberto and the parents were large gap a generational one: when it is NATO, its father had already 54 years. Their relationship, but, have not risentito any: the father wished that she became a doctor - in fact Alberto has studied medicine between Genoa and Milan for three years and means - but has not never hindered the passion of the son for music. Indeed: it has attended the backstage of its concerts until the age of 80 anni.Alberto has two sisters larger than he and four grandsons, already thirties years, with which friendship has a beautifulst relationship strongly. It has grown with a catholic education, attending the averages, the gymnasium and the classic to the grammar school Rosmini di Domodossola. The college had a formulation similar to college the Americans: beyond studying, the students practiced various disciplines sport. Its preferred ones were, and are still today, the martial tennis, equitazione, limbs and soccer. Its juvenile idoli were the bianconeri John Charles and Omar Sivori, because Alberto has the Juventus in the DNA: its grandmother was cousins of the grandmother of Giampiero Boniperti, historian champion and president of the bianconera society. Between the more pleasant memories of its sportswomen passed are the interminable challenges to tennis between external students - like Alberto - and inner of the college. Once he has gained a torneo of double quantity, striking between the general astonishment two players of third category in a debilitating end duration from the three of the afternoon to the ten of evening. The passion for music is been born playing the battery: to 13 years it has founded the first group, that the Paip' s like the premises of the Sestriere has called where had been exhibited. To 16 years it has played for before the time in RAI with one new band: It recommends To You. It has made boneses with cover of clear inspiration rock: Credence Clearwater Revival, Ten Years After, Led Zeppelin. In the repertorio there were also the Vanilla Fudge of the Carmine drummer Apex, than six years ago Alberto it has had the pleasure to know to Los Angeles. Without warning, to 18 years, Alberto Fortis has begun to play the pianoforte also without to have never studied it, strongly of an instinct affinato in many years of battery, exorcising instrument that still today it defines wonderful and. Its first composition to the pianoforte is a suite of twenty minuteren, that it comes too much judged dared for the debut disc, but will come found again in according to album. Gotten passionate of the rock foreign more supported, Alberto had a solo great Italian love: Lucio Batistes, than for he was the Italian equivalent of the Beatles for that espressionismo in the songs that still today is inarrivabile. Other point of reference for its artistic formation is Bob Dylan: for the literary talent, but also for the musical energy of its poetries. Alberto has always felt the requirement of having to the shoulders one band that pump rhythm: forsennato like "Milan and Vincenzo" or "the great cove", but also more suadente like "the chair of lillÓ" or "the nena of the Salvador". To 19 years it has been moved to Rome, center of the RCA, rocks of the Italian cantautorato one of that period (Alberto marks it the formula concept of the album "This small great love" of Claudius Baglioni). Company a contract of a year with the It di Vicenzo Micocci, but does not succeed absolutely null and the relationship between the two out of order one: Micocci, in fact, becomes the first protagonist of its single one, "Milan and Vincenzo", even if recently the two "litigating" have signed a friendly armistice. After a parenthesis with the Motor label of Nanni Memories, tied to the RCA, thanks to the producer Alberto Salerno album more two has signed a contract with the Polygram for three. In 1979 it is exited the 33 turns of debut "Alberto Fortis" with the instrumental support of the PFM of Mussida, Of Cioccio and Pagani: the hope is to sell cinquemila copies at least, to the end if of it they count 100 mila! According to album "Between demon and holiness" (1980), that one with the interminable suite to the pianoforte, was an action of courage rewarded in the time: today it is a cult disc. With "great cove" (1981) it is begun its artistic pilgrimage between Old and the New Continent. The disc is fruit of one vacation in the United States: in one they share club of music fusion, called Pruned Baked, Fortis has assisted to a jam session of To the Jarreau with the musicians, until that disowned moment to he, that they would then have played in album:Abraham the Laboriel (low), Alex Acu˝a (battery and percussions), Dean Parks and Mitch Holder (guitars), John Phillips (sax), Garey Mielke (keyboards, already with the Supertramp for "Breakfast in America"). To the choruses there was Rossana Country house, to the age fiancŔe with Alberto. All the discografia of Alberto Fortis scandita from collaborations digrande prestige. To London it has worked with George Martin, producer of the Beatles, than it has introduced it Paul MacCartney, its moglie Linda and the daughter Star. "infinite Strawberries" (1982) have been recorded in the mythical studies of Abbey Road: when Martin has understood that the brano "infinite Strawberries" was dedicated to John Lennon, it has allowed it to sing using it the personal microphone of Lennon. A irripetibile emotion, but for its not only fortune: Alberto has listened to some unknown ones of "Strawberry Fields", that it remembers like compositions of an incredible acidity, pure Nirvana. To complete the beatlesiana atmosphere, in the quartet of it arches of the London Philarmonic Orchestra that has participated to the album "infinite Strawberries" is two musicians who have played in "Sgt. Peppers". In this disc they have played the Flying Foxes, band of Alberto composed from Claudius Dentes (then become the Helium producer and the Stiff History), Twin Beppe and Piero (then collaborating of Lauryn Hill), and Franc Cristaldi (Gianluca Grignani and Paola Turci). "El nino" (1984) has been conceived together Claudius Dentes, that it has played guitar and bottom, while Alberto is alternated to battery, keyboards and to the pianoforte, the instrument that sound in all its discs. The guest star they are Lucio "violino" Fabbri and Demo Morselli, rising star of the bugle that just in the songs of Fortis has experienced its vein rock. In the album "West Of Broadway" (1985), instead, the orchestra has been chosen from celebre the arranger Bill Conti, author of the sonorous columns of the saga cinematographic of "Rocky". And the musicians are the same ones of "the great cove", more the chitarrista Charles Fearing (already with Earth Wind & Fire). In the second half of the 80 Years Alberto Fortis he has studied to the Hunter College di New York: in the several frequentations of premises and musicians, the club of jazz and fusion Fat Tuesday deserves a signalling, in which it is capitato it to assist to the exhibition of the group of Sting in the tour of "Bring On The Night". In the Great Apple Carlos Alomar has met, coautore of some brani of John collaborating Lennon and from vent' years tight of David Bowie. Alomar has produced to the disc "Absolutely yours" (1987), recorded with the band of Bowie. During the recording to New York, Alomar receives in knows it of recording a young artist with which it would have had to work later on: thanks to that fortuitous circumstance, Alberto has known Julian Lennon. Re-entered in Italy, Fortis has collaborated with the entourage of Vasco Red: the producer I guide Elmi and the Steve Rogers Band di Solieri, Melotti and Golinelli. Entirety has recorded two album: "Paper of sky" (1990), to which Collins (already sax for the Pink Floyd), and greatest hits live "egg" (1991 participates also to Mel), second "best of." after "Strong". In 1992, in occasion of the celebrations for the five hundred years of the discovery of the America, Alberto Fortis has opened the concert that Bob Dylan has held to Genoa. In the same year, together to a delegation of the Unicef, tribale reunion of the people born you of America (with approximately trentamila tribe) in lands between Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah has participated to the anniversary. Alberto is a great expert of the history of the NATO to you Americans, a argument that deepens from more than ten years. It continues the andirivieni between Italy and United States di Alberto, that it divides the own residence between Milan and Los Angeles. In the USA eleventh disc comes recorded its: "Within garden" (1994). Initially it has worked with three members of the Earth Wind & Fire, but the union has strangely not sortito the effects wishes to you: Alberto wanted sonoritÓ black with a spirit more rock. Fortis comes therefore placed side by side from the Word, one young and talentuosa band Californian post grunge. "Within the garden" it has been realized in one futuristica knows it of recording, used also from the U2, in which musicians and engineers of the sound worked in know them far, communicating between great they through screen like in "Star Trek". The album is impreziosito from the chorus gospel of the Pentecostal Community Choir (already collaborating of Bruce Springsteen, Turner Vat, Aretha Franklyn and Stevie Wonder). When it has them you feel yourself to sing for before turns its songs - in the church of a black quarter of Los Angeles - Alberto has been affected until the tears. To Los Angeles it has always been recorded "Angeldom" (2001), an other rich disc of illustrious collaborators, to begin from Alex Acuna (percussions). On drums they are alternated Vinne Colaiuta and Jonathan Moffet (historical drummer of Michael Jackson and in tour also with Madonna), the guitar is of Mikal Reid (Co-producer Very Harper) and the bottom is of Chris Wise (today bassista official of the Cult) and of Abraham Laboriel. Between the coristi there was Eric To have, leader of band the Imperial Drag that has opened the live of the first one tour of Alanis Morrisette. In January 2003 "containing Universe FORTIS" publishes its Greatest Hits 4 unknown ones, between these "the Splendid Half is a travel to warm inks acclimatized in a sour desert - Fortis asserts and continues - the protagonist of the text is to the search of the own ideal half, but it perceives a gelosa presence within of himself that its desire hinders to share itself with the others. Visceral one is a song much, than it refers also to the angels of the daily paper, in order to mean those to us of Wenders ". (You will know - Sexy love - Letter to a dream are the other unknown) relationship of Fortis with Internet is much intense one: it follows with attention and passion its situated official ( and that one of fans the club (, that they interact between they. "the very many Use the mail: it is positive to be returns to you to write epistolari correspondences, one great key of access in order to comprise some characterial aspects of the persons. The important is not to become fanatical us and not to suffer from habit: sooner or later I feel the requirement to listen to the voice of my interlocutor ". In January 2003 it always publishes Berty devised with its friends Pece Pine and Tiziano Riverso and with collaboration of the FFC the artistic spirit of Alberto Fortis is not get exaustedded with music: she is the director of the videoclip of three its songs: "Love Is Alive" (direction to four hands with Schipani Franc, is Star the USA version "in the night" from "West Of Broadway"), "Plastic Mexico" (from "El ni˝o") and "the ne˝a of the Salvador" (turned for greatest hits live "the egg"). In "Plastic Mexico" (direction to four hands with Maximum Mazzanti) Alberto has been between first using in exclusive right the images of the lungometraggio "Koyanniskatzi" of Francis Ford Coppola. Fortis is also author of two poetry books: "I pay Japanese" (1988) and "Within garden" (1994), both published ones from Tranchida. In the period between 1996 and 1999 it has realized the sonorous column of the film "Cool Crime", then it has written storyboard and the sonorous column of a film that has entitled "Suspended Animation and that it has proposed to the Dreamworks, the house of production of Steven Spielberg. In answer from the director of "E.T" is attended of one. One curiosity: Fortis has recited in the film "Liquirizia", interpreting one caricatura of if same while it sang "They are content of you", a brano of its first album. These are the preferred artists from Alberto Fortis. Music: Beatles, Prince, U2, Lenny Kravitz, Alanis Morrisette, Alicia Keys, Jay Z and Beck. However, on all John Lennon. Cinema: Wim Wenders ("the sky over Berlin"), Stanley Kubrick ("Full Metal Jacket") and Steven Spielberg ("Hook"). An other film for he important is "A.I.", signed from the Kubrick-Spielberg brace.
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