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To the Bano Carrisi it is been born to Saint Cellino Mark (Is drunk a toast) in Puglia, 20 May of 1943. Child since has uncovered the great vocation for music, when he passed hours and hours of its time playing the guitar to the shadow of the trees of the campaign of the father. Next to single 16 years, he thought "to emigrate" to Milan, being followed the tracks of Domenico Modugno: an authentic model for who dreammed one career in the world of music. The beginnings But to Milan the beginnings were not sure all in reduction. In attended of better times it made - as same it loves to remember - the University of the life making the jobs more varies a po' in order to maintain itself to you, but also for being close to people and discovering to desires and tastes. The first approaches with light music had them through the Clan of Celentano. It was then, like was custom between the artists of the group, that it chose its name becoming - for all - To the Bano. They passed little more than two years when it signed its first important contract with "EMI". Of lý little - in 1967 - the 45 turns "In the sun" recorded: incredible record happening with million and trecentomila sold copies. In the same year it participated to the tour Italian of the Rolling Stones. On the succeeding wake of the large one wrote same he many songs ("I of night", "In the sun", "Thinking you", "Water of sea", "Midnight of love") from some di.le which was also features succeeding film of large. Smash hit With its album, To the Bano Carrisi has conquered the first places in hit parade the Austrians, French, Belgians, Swisses, Germans, Spanish and South Americans. Its concerts all over the world - from Japan to Russia, from the United States to the Latin America - have been are followed from million fans. Its work-related trips have been often collected in musical documentary, directed from the same artist and transmitted from the Italian Television. A passion, that one for the machine from taken, that it continues still today with the realization of some video, between which "In the heart of the father": a homage to Carmelo Carrisi and the extraordinary relationship father-son. To the Bano it has in program also a video on its relationship with Iolanda woman, the mother, from which "it has inherited" the extraordinary voice. Prizes and Acknowledgments the paid happened one in every part of the world finds replies in 26 discs of gold and 8 of platinum. In 1980 the "Kawakami Award" to the POP festival of the Yamaha has won to Tokyo and two years after it it has been assigned, in Germany, the "Golden Europe" that is up to the artist who has sold the greater disc number. In 1982 it has established an absolute record in Italy, placing at the same time four songs in the hit parade. It could not lack, in the rich one "palmares", the Victoria to the Festival di Sanremo obtained in 1984 with "will be", in brace with Romina Power. In the second half of years Ninety new artistic phase for To the Bano Carrisi, that it returns like solista to 46░ the Festival di Sanremo, obtaining great consents with the brano "E' is opened one my life". Without never to omit light music, the temptation to attempt also with the lyric one is strongly for an endowed artist of extraordinary dowries canore. The recent exhibition in Bad Ischl (Salisburgo Austria) with the "tenors for excellence" Placid Domingo and JosÚ Carreras has demonstrated, in case ce it was need, than To the Bano it does not have null to mostly envy to who dedication to this musical kind. Just Domingo and Carreras, in complimenting itself with To the Bano, have delivered in Austria the double platinum disc to it for "Concert Classic". In 1998 it still records the Cd "in Flight", in 1999 the Cd "To fly" and in the 2001 Cd "Song to the sun" in distribution in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria, where it has gained the Disc of gold. In the same year, it has participated to the Festival of Italian Music to Moscow in knows it concerts of the Kremlin. In November 2001, To the Bano Carrisi a voice in the sun has lead its One man show "", transmitted from "Net 4" that has obtained listenings record for the Mediaset net. A repeated experience for the same net in March 2002, with the transmission "To the Bano, History of love and friendship". In 2003, to Vienna, it has been insignito once again "of the Austrian Award" the prestigious prize that comes assigned in Austria to the more important musicians of the world. With To the Bano, between the others, they have been rewards Robbie Williams and Eminem you. In Austria, To the Bano Carrisi had introduced its last cd from the title it "sings Caruso", that it represents a homage to the great tenor. A job that has obtained great appreciations all over the world is that it has been first in classifies for various weeks in Austria, but also in Germany. Enormous the happened one also in the Countries of the East and, in particular, in Russia. The last job of To the Bano is a album with christmas brani interpreted with great participation from the singer, the title it is "Good NATO them". Ambassador the UN and FAO the artistic life of the singer deeply is impregnated of fede.Illuminanti, on the personal plan, has been the encounter with Its Holiness Giovanni Paul II, to the cospetto of which the singer has exhibited various times. Particularly alive, in he, it is also the memory of Devout Father, known in years Fifty, to whose memory has been entitled a prize recently assigned to the singer. The other largest one happened has been the acknowledgment that has seen it to pass from the stage to the Palace of Glass of the UN, becoming ambassador of the United Nations against the drug. To assegnargli the prestigious assignment he has been the general secretary of the United Nations Kofi Annan. Recently, To the Bano it has been name also Ambassador of the Fao. In August of 2003, which ambassador the UN, has taken part to some conferences of service on social problems and, in particular way, on relative issues the fight to the drug addiction.
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Al Bano Carrisi 
Birth Date 
20 May, 1943 
Birth place 
Saint Cellino Mark , San Marco 
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