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"Adriano Pappalardo is born in 1949 to Cover, in province of Lollipops. In 1971 it does a they experience with the house discografica I Number One before Lucio Baptists, Mogol and other. In the occasion it sings with so much intensity that, with his movements, it takes a blow in head and itself fece a wound from which lost blood, but he heedless of continuous everything to sing and, thanks to that and to its voice that pleased a lot to Baptists, comes put under contract from the house discografica. Its individual first is "" A woman/The forest no"". With the side to it participates in the special television one "" All together"" to present the new house discografica just been born. It collects a good success thanks also to the transmission and the successive year goes out with a second individual "" is still day/Without name"" (side TO Baptists – Mogol). In this period knows its worn out companion from which will have a son, Laerte. Always in the same year to October goes out 45 turn "" you Follow he/Problems of conscience"" (side TO still of Baptists - Mogol) I continue from the first one 33 homonym. The successive one 33 turns was "" California no"", of the November 1973; until this moment the album are produced from Claudio Fabi. In 1975 it goes to the RCA and public 33 "" you suffice Me so"". The large success of sales and of published obtains it with the song " "we Begin again"" contained in the album "" do Not leave me ever"". In 1982, after years, Adriano rincontra Lucio Baptists, actual in the moment of the dissolution with Mogol and of its change, from which the disks are born " "Immersion"" (1982) and ""Oh! It was now" "(1983). From this moment in then Pappalardo unites to its love for the music its second passion, that for the cinema. In 1985 it comes noted from Sergio Corbucci in a transmission of Costanzo and so begins its activity of actor, in fact debuts in the film “TO you for you” with Dorelli and Village. In 1988 always for Sergio you Get angry it works in an episode of the film “Rimini Rimini” with Laurel Antonelli, and a year after in the film of Brown Corbucci “Rimini Rimini l' year after”. It interprets therefore, then the part of the gunman “Santuzzo salt Shakers” in the film “The octopus IV” with Calm Michele, before true interpretation in a serial of large success that does to finish him a qualitative escalation. It is therefore the Sargeant Scherane in the serial Tv on Italy 1 “Class of iron”. In 1988, during a television transmission with J. Dorelli “Finally Friday” comes noted from Piero Garinei and called to interpret the role of “a certain amount” in the comedy “you Add a place to table” for which the critic reserves him the qualification of “revelation”. In 1994 the film in 8 installments on RaiUno “Italian restaurant” with Gigi you Project. Until 1996 with a big theatrical work to arrive: “THE 7 knights of the table rotinda”, that after the debut to the “Sistine Chapel” of Rome went in tour in the better Italian theaters. In 1997 it turned together to Calm Michele a television drama for RaiDue titled “Racket”. From 1998 to today continuous actor of its activity Adriano, participating always with intense interpretations to different fiction in wave on the different Italian nets. To remember its participation like co-protagonist to an importante production film italo-English “opposite Rent” for the direction of R. Tognazzi, interpretation that the unanimous recognition is been worth him aside of the film critic. In 2003 finally it interprets the part of a head-mafia in the film “A famigli for case”, film that marks also the I return of Lando Buzzanca on the stages. Always in 2003, it participates in the reality - show in wave daily on RaiDue “L' island of the well-known” lead from Simona Fortune, participation that the door to incredible levels of fame and does to consider it like moral winner of the program. In the meanwhile, Adriano always continued its career of interpreter participating in the most important musical transmissions and getting ahead every year to its tour summer accompanied from musicians and coriste. Finally, in 2004, it is recording like interpreter the fiction tv “Holy Rite from Falls down” and it is presented again besides to the large television and musical public participate in 54° Festival of Sanremo with the song “not any advice (do Not rompetemi the eggs in the basket) ”, participation that it is accompanied to the engraving of its new album in exit after the Festival, album that surely will restore Adriano like artist of point. "
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Adriano Pappalardo 
Birth Date 
26 March, 1947 
Birth place 
Copertino, Lecce , ITALY 
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