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Nathan Bogle is a combination of beauty, smarts, and business savvy in the fashion industry. Coming from a small town in England, Nathan Bogle has become one of the top male models in the world. As one of the co-founders of a jean company Rag & Bone, he also is a successful entrepreneur in the making. Nathan was born and raised in a small commuter town in England, Reading. At the age 16, Nathan moved to London to study law and business. Not at all interested in studying, Nathan discovered modeling instead; he started modeling extensively at 22. Nathan modeled in fashion shows in Milan and Paris. He worked in South America, Australia, Cuba for top designers such as Dolce & Gabanna, Armani and DKNY. In 1998, Nathan moved to New York for a change of scene. With the help of his New York modeling agency Wilhelmina Models, Nathan was signed up for blockbuster campaigns for DKNY, Armani, and Kenneth Cole. He also became of a regular for fashion editorials, often appearing on the pages of GQ, Details, and Vogue. Within two years of his arrival in New York, Nathan had established his supermodel status in the industry. Despite his success in the modeling world, Nathan wanted to sink his teeth into something more serious. Nathan decided to start his own business using the money he had made from modeling. He found the inspiration he needed when his friend, Marcus Wainwright, realized they couldn't find the jeans they wanted. After countless hours and several hundred thousand dollars that have been ploughed into the business, Nathan finally starts to have a taste of success. The sales are topping $1 million mark in 2005 and are expected to double within a year.
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Nathan Bogle 
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