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Jason Fedele is known as the one of the top American models that arose from the shadow of European models in the late 90's. The beauty from his look is very apparent to veryone, but most appeal is generated from the intense sexuality expressed through his comapaign ads. Without trying, he exudes a certain sexual attraction that one could feel- as if his photoshoots were meant to tease, to provoke, to offer something altogether exciting and sensual. Jason Fedele has always been the likes of major designers. He stepped into modeling business at the age of 18, while the male model industry was dominated by European models. He was still able to snag works from major designers like Calvin Klein. That set his early success and his way to supermodel status. The turning point has to be his prvocative ad compaign for Gucci. The intesity revealed from the ads marked his individuality in the fashion industry, and campaign ads for Gucci's envy will remain the most provocative fragrance ads of all time. Perhaps we should take note that together with Ryan Locke, Mike Campbell, Scott Barnhill and Tyson Ballou, the American male supermodels has altogether ruled the modeling scene since the late 90's, ranging from the runways to campaign ads to editorials - such show of power and influence from the agencies and of course, from the models themselves. But there is more to Jason Fedele than just sexiness. He is one of the most accomplished male model of his generation. The scope of his modeling success ranges from ramp modeling for some of the best Fashion Designers, to an impressive print portfolio. As the most important model of Clear Models Agency, Jason is more than a model to reckon with. He personifies the best of what a male model can possibly achieve.
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Jason Fedele 
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23 March, 1979 
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