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Datari Turner, who could now be seen in Xscape's "My Little Secret" video, won the Face Finders Model Search Super Model Of The Year Award in 2001. With doubts about modeling prior to this win, Datari says Face Finders assured his confidence in his new career. "I used to always get cards from people about modeling," explains Datari, "but I thought they were putting me on." It wasn't until a friend told him to go to Los Angeles. He caught the eye of Ford Modeling Agent, Jerome Martin when Datari starred in his first video as the lead role in Ol' Skool's video, "Am I Dreamin" with Keith Sweat and Xscape. I mean, everyone has seen Datari! He's the primary model in Skechers commercial plus the spokesmodel for Meoshe. Fortunate enough, modeling entered his life in the nick of time since Datari, who's buddy is UPN's "Clueless" star Donald Faison, questioned what he'd do next in life. Datari can also be seen in Taral Hicks' "Silly" video and Jon B's "They Don't Know". Not only is he in the recent Rolling Stone issue, but has graced the inside of Vibe and Details notwithstanding the impressive runways of YM, Karl Kani and Macy's. Before modeling, Datari played football for Oklahoma State University, but injured himself, ending his obligation to the team. "I felt like I let a lot of people down when I wasn't trying to let anyone down," says Datari. He realized, despite insurmountable odds and seemingly impossible situations, he could do anything.
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24-05-2012 / 11:05
Mr. Datari, I love admire you and all your hard work For a young man ur like an old soul. Ur so talented and beautiful God bless you and everything good that you do keep up the good work and God will do the rest cause LIFE ISN'T ABOUT FINDING YOURSElf, LIFE IS ABOUT CREATING YOURSELF!

24-05-2012 / 11:31
Datari, I really admire all your hard work. I have two beautiful and smart boys, and if by any means nessecery I will do back flips to make sure that my boys make something of themselves...ur a very talented young man! Keep up the good work brownie and God bless!

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Datari Turner 
Birth Date 
02 April, 1979 
Birth place 
ˇ Oakland, California, USA  
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