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Damon Wills, a former Guess model, is on the rise to prominence in a quite fashion. A down-to-earth guy from Alabama has brought his southern charm all the way to world's fashion capitals. Damon's most striking feature is his versatility, excelling in his ability to play different roles in various campaigns. From the early Guess campaigns to the Andrew Marc campaigns, Damon Wills fully demonstrates the transformation of his image from a good boy to a bad boy. Born in Newton, Alabama in 1978, Damon is from a loving family, where he grew up with his older sister. Short and chubby are the words that Damon describes himself untill he was 14, when he suddenly developed into this tall and drop-dead gorgeous stature. Besides all the sports he played on the field since the early age, Damon also developed an interest in arts and acting. He went to University of Alabama and majored in Theatre when the world of modeling beckoned. For years, family and friends kept telling his mother Damon should model. Finally, at his mother and sister's insistence, Damon attended a local Model Search Of America convention. He was signed on the spot by Madison Models, and flew to New York in July of 2000. Instead of the short trip he planned, Damon found himself taking up permanent residence in the Big Apple. After he moved to New York, Damon's career took off. Soon, he was flying around the world, appearing in campaigns for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Having held previous jobs at a lead plant and with Pepsi-Cola, he found his new career a welcome change. Damon enjoys traveling to exotic locations, but says the hardest part of modeling is the time he's forced to spend away from his home and family. Damon Wills had his first major exposure when he was featured in Love Story and Santa Fe ad campaigns of Guess in 2001. His other notable editorial appearances include Out, Maxim, Cosmo and PHM. However, he had fallen off the fashion radar for almost a year until the fall 2002 Andrew Marc campaign, which once again put him on the world fashion map of modeling. Damon is grateful for all the opportunities that modeling has offered to him. If he wasn't working as a model, he says he'd probably still be studying at the university and "working whatever job I could get." And Damon believes that modeling is a dream for a lot of people and he is just fortunate enough to experience it. The craziest modeling experience according to Damon was when he flew to London to shoot a commercial. Damon was sent home right away because they didn't realize that he had a southern accent. "It was cool though, because I still got paid!" Damon's modest personality can be attributed to his loving and hard working parents who have been happily married for nearly 30 years. "It's better to be a good person than a great model", is the motto that Damon lives by every day. In his spare time, Damon reads books, watches movies, and plays sports, to keep himself occupied and stay in shape. With all the work he has accomplished, it appears Damon is well under control and can be as selective as he wants with any future career choices.
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Damon Wills 
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00 00, 1900 
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Newton, Alabama 
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