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Chris Carmack (born December 22, 1980 in Washington, DC) is an American actor. His birth name is James Christopher Carmack. He grew up in Rockville, Maryland. As a young boy, he enjoyed participating in all types of sport: baseball, basketball, football, and wrestling. At Magruder High School, however, his attentions turned to theatre and he began working passionately on three productions per year, on-stage and off, in addition to competing in numerous drama festivals. After having graduated, he attended New York University to pursue a degree in Arts in the Tisch School, but left after his sophomore year. He was discovered by a modelling scout and decided to have a go at the profession. His drop-dead gorgeous looks were exactly what Bruce Weber was seeking for Abercrombie and Fitch. The other catalogues and editorials that Chris has appeared in include: Lord and Taylor, Macy's, Target, Who A U, ELLE France, and Cosmo Girl. After two years in New York, Chris decided to move to Los Angeles and immerse himself in acting. A devoted jazz and blues musician, he plays both the saxophone and guitar. Currently (2004) he is the spokesmodel for Ezra Fitch, the newest offspring brand from Abercrombie and Fitch. He played Luke on the television drama The O.C.. Chris has also modelled for Nautica, and Guess. He also had a uncredited guest role on a 2000 episode of Dawson's Creek.
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Chris Carmack 
Birth Date 
22 December, 1980 
Birth place 
Washington, District of Columbia, USA 
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