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I was born June 4th, 1974, which means I am a Gemini. I went to St. Mary's high school in Stockton, California. As a young boy I had the dream as most boys do to play professional sports for a living. I was very fortunate to receive a full ride football scholarship to the University of The Pacific. Unfortunately after one year the University decided to drop the football program entirely. Naturally I wanted to keep following that dream of playing in the NFL so I transferred to San Diego State University. It was there I received my degree in Criminal Justice and also finished out my football career. Some of my hobbies include playing basketball, running, all water & snow sports,...basically anything active. I hang out with my girlfriend and all of my friends too. In the summer 1998 I worked for a resort on the beach called La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. While working there, a photographer approached and told me I should get into modeling. To be honest with you I really was not interested at first. But one day I got the nerve to go into Jet Set, a local modeling agency. The agency suggested I loose weight. I was a whopping 255 pounds then. So I lost the weight. I must say the best modeling job I've had was with The Buckle in Porta Ve Arta. We had the best time. Now it's a year and a half later and I am still traveling a lot, meeting all sorts of different people and enjoying every moment of it. I am currently with Ford Models. One thing I've learned from both Ford and my parents is that no matter how successful you are you must stay grounded. This is important in the modeling business because we are in the public eye. People sometimes think that because you are a model, you should be arrogant. But I try to just be myself and take this job as it comes. I now have agencies all over the world, which is really cool because I get to go and see different parts of the world. Some of the jobs that I have done in the past 2 years include Abercrombie and Fitch ("Innocents Abroad"), Skechers, a music video with Britney Spears ("Sometimes"), Tommy Hilfiger commercial, Buckle, and some other catalogues.
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Chad Cole 
Birth Date 
04 June, 1974 
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New York  
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