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What is it about the A&F Quarterly? How has a mere clothing catalogue evolved into such a hot item? Always controversial, the most recent Spring Break 2001 Issue of the A&F Quarterly arrived in an XXX-rated plastic wrapper containing more nudity than any previous edition. Somewhat predictably, the nude photographs have generated controversy along with increased sales at A&F cash registers, and turned the adorably hunkish twins on the cover, Kyle and Lane Carlson into overnight pop icons. When Kyle and Lane Carlson appeared seminude on the cover of the last Abercrombie & Fitch quarterly, the brand shot back into the consciousness of gay men everywhere. Who are these Minnesota-reared twins, and how did they become the year’s hottest male models? Twin brothers Lane and Kyle Carlson have had a whirlwind career. From working the catwalk for Armani, hosting model searches and being Abercrombie cover boys, to modeling for L'uomo Vogue, Details, Out, Men's Journal, Filene's, One Tough Brand and Wilson's. The twins have also appeared on MTV's Mandy show, and have been featured in The New Yorker, Minnesota Monthly and The New York Times. Lane and Kyle's careers keep getting hotter. "I've never had to keep a daily planner," Lane said. "Now, I have to plan two weeks ahead of time. It's getting a little crazy." The six-foot tall twins are both college seniors, and are the third and fourth children of five. When not concentraing on their studies or modeling, Lane plays on the varsity baseball team and Kyle plays on the rugby team. Just in case modeling doesn't work out for the 22-year old twins, they co-own a construction company with their father and work construction in the summer and on school breaks. "We’ve always had to pay our own way," Lane said. Rather than adopting a decadent lifestyle, the twins, born on Dec. 24th, will use their modeling money to pay for tuition, rent and retirement accounts. "You learn about accounting and money management real quick," Kyle said. And even though they get to dress up in fashion's finest for photo shoots, the boys are much more casual. "Put me in jeans and a T-shirt and I'm comfortable," Lane said. "Or wind pants and a sweatshirt," Kyle said. The twins also know the importance of a good education. While they did receive some clothes and perks from their modeling experience, Kyle and Lane decided not quit school and pursue modeling full time. "We’re not going to change," Lane said. Lane said his girlfriend got him into modeling last year. "(We) heard this radio announcement saying they were doing a modeling search, and she said, ‘Go call your brother' you guys should check it out.'" Kyle and Lane didn't want everyone to know about the scouting experience, so they kept it a secret. Kyle told Abercrombie & Fitch in an interview, "It was pretty wild. We got 17 callbacks, including A&F..." and the rest is history.
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