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Carl Brolin is no doubt one of the most sought-after models that emerged in the fashion scenes in the new millennium. With his appearances in the campaigns for Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Versace and Valentino, Carl Brolin has achieved supermodel status in the business. He is also known as a down-to-earth person as one can be. It was in the year 2000 when Carl was discovered in a store in Stockholm Sweden. A modeling scout approached him about the idea of modeling, but Carl was still a high school teenager at the time. Carl Brolin waited until he finished school before he started modelling professionally. He flew to Paris and later to New York for the Calvin Klein assignment, and everything has started rolling on ever since. Carl's growing popularity was well recognized in his home country. In January 2003, Carl was awarded the male model of the year by Swedish Elle magazine. His much accomplished modeling career has established himself among the new generation of elite Swedish models together with Robert Konjic. Carl is humble about his looks, and he values happiness and health over all others. Carl is very realistic about modeling, and understands the importance of education. At the mean while, he still models, and will try to stay in the business as long as possible
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Carl Brolin 
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11 March, 1982 
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