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Bruno Santos was born December 8, 1978 in Brazil. The tall, dark and handsome South American star is one of the emerging model sensations that hail from Brazil in recent years. In fact, he is the only male model who was selected to carry out two blockbuster campaigns simultaneously for two competing fashion houses, Versace and Giorgio Armani. Bruno did not have an easy childhood when he grew up with three brothers and one sister. He has had many jobs since the age 12. Bruno worked on construction and even on a farm during his younger days. His grandmother believes that his chiseled physique is a result of hard work as a child. Besides the obvious good looks, Bruno is academically excellent in school. He was an engineering student before he became a model. He was even teaching math on the side. Modeling was never on Bruno's career agenda by any means. In 2000, his girlfriend who was modeling at the time introduced him to her agency. The agency suggested him to try out in Europe, and they were willing to pay for the traveling expenses. Bruno was working full-time and didn't take the offer seriously. But the agency and his friends eventually changed Bruno's mind about modeling. Bruno traveled to Paris, where he met his agent Ike Gamez. It was Ike Gamez who introduced Bruno into main stream high fashion, which led to the campaigns for Versace shot by Steven Klein and Armani by Peter Lindburgh. While Bruno was modeling in New York, he had the first hand experience to witness the tragedy of September 11, 2001. That saddens him a great deal till this day. Traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures is the upside of modeling for Bruno, especially when he met his secret crush Christina Aguilera at the shoot of Versace. But the downside of the business is traveling away from home and family. Because of the traveling, Bruno has a difficult time to have a steady girlfriend. In his home country Brazil, Bruno owns a restaurant where his family works. He enjoys reading poetry in his spare time. As an established figure in modeling business, Bruno is known for his professionalism and his positive attitude.
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Bruno Santos 
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