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You know Britney Spears's sultry video for her hit single, "Don't Let Me Be The Last One to Know"? The one where you're not looking at the scatily-clad Britney, but at the guy who plays her hunky video lover? Well, the mystery man in question is French-born model Brice Durand. The video may have caused quite a bit of controvercy for Ms. Spears, but for's all in a day's work. How did the 23-year old, who was raised in a rural French village, end up as a model, working with the likes of Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford and, of course, Britney? "When I was 17, my girlfriend was really into art-writing, painting, theater, photography-totally different from me," says the sport fanatic. "She bothered me for a whole year, trying to get me to let her take picture of me." When she finally secceeded, she sent the pictures to a French catalogue ("like Sears," says Brice) and an agent approached him. A Guess campaign and the cover of Men's Journal followed, but Brice's real big break came when famed fashion photographer/video director Herb Ritts and the pricess of pop came knocking. "I expected a diva, but Britney was great to work with." Apparently, the feeling was mutual. (The pop queen reportedly developed a little crush on the happily engaged Brice.) It's no surprise that the steamy love scenes between Britney and Brice upset mama, Lynn, and the ex-lover Justin. In fact, mom insisted that some of the sexy scens be left out. But the objections didn't stop the fwo form having a grand old time on the pictursque Key Biscayne set. "She's a really good kisser," says Brice. "It was easy and I always felt that she was every relaxed." (Who wouldn't be when its' Brice?) Though tons of people say that he was the real star of the video, he didn't feel that way at the audition. "It was raining and I was wet from riding the motorcycle," he says. "I felt disgusting. So, when they called back and told me I was going to be the only guy in it, I was like, 'Ohmigod!'"
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Brice Durand 
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29 October, 1930 
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