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Derek and Keith Brewer, identical twins from Redondo Beach, went from riding the waves of the California coastline to walking the runways of the World's fashion capitals. Keith was discovered on the pier when looking at the waves, by an acting manager and Keith mentioned he had a twin. And the rest unfolds as the idea of modeling twins exploded in the fashion industry. Look at that Buff Bod....then pan over and look again! No, You aren't seeing double -- there really are TWO of them! The Brewer Twins have become a staple of the modeling industry. Superstar magazines such as Vogue and Rolling Stone have obviously asked this question: Why mess with tricks and mirrors when you can have double the same gorgeous good looks in an ad layout? Brewer Twins are known for the explicit content of their artistic expressions. A lot of their photos are homo erotic and suggest incest, however they are done in an artistic and tasteful way. It just shows that their relationship as brothers runs deeper than a handshake. It may sound like 19th Century sensationalism that a man can falling in love with his reflection, in this case, his own twin brother. Even though they look alike, they do have minds of their own! For example, Derek believes the sexiest thing about him is his eyes...while Keith believes his best attribute is his smile. And when it comes to the worst thing about being a guy model, Derek gets serious and admits that it's never knowing when that next job is. Keith is a little more mischievous in his answer - the worst thing for him is trying to hide a zit! And you won't believe it, but Derek and Keith didn't want to be models...they aspired to a more casual lifestyle. "Growing up we always wanted to be professional surfers." Derek and Keith are represented by Q, America's newest model management agency.
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21 September, 1973 
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