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Brad Kroenig is everywhere throughout fashion scenes in the recent years, and is considered to one of the top male supermodels in the world. Brad Kroenig is from Oakville in south St. Louis County, Missouri. High society parties and modeling shoots around the world may seem like a long way from the days at Oakville High, but it has been a meteoric rise into superstardom in the modeling world for Brad Kroenig. Brad was quite the player on the soccer field and basketball court back in high school. It is the determination that helped Brad earn a soccer scholarship to Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. While he was in college, Brad was homesick a lot and found the 30-mile distance from home difficult. “He didn't stay in dorm often, he was home almost every night,” says his mother. At the start of his Junior year, Brad mustered up the courage to move away. Brad took his soccer skills to Florida International University in Miami. A friend convinced him to visit some modeling agencies. All three agents liked what they saw, and were interested in having Brad work right away. After three short months, Brad dropped out of school to pursue a modeling career. It wasn't long before Brad's picture was in magazines and catalogues, such as Maxim and Abercrombie and Fitch, and on hair care products. It has been a whirlwind for Brad’s modeling career in the last three years. Since 2003, Brad has appeared in every major designer’s ad campaigns and fashion shows including Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Fendi, Perry Ellis, and Justin Cavalli, and on just about every magazine cover. currently ranks Brad the number one male model in the world. "I gotta do a lot to get to No. 1. I don't want to give it up," says Brad. The popularity of Brad in fashion gets him into some of the most elite parties in the world. He was at parties with Mike Tyson, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise and the cast of ‘Friends.’ Even with a life like that Brad is already looking for a new challenge. Brad is getting a little bored with modeling, and plans on retiring in a year or so. When he's not modeling, Brad’s passion is in real estate. His first purchase of a $600,000 apartment has already gone up by $200,000 in eight months. He recently just got his real estate license, and bought a $1.8 million, three-bedroom loft in Miami, his second major investment. In terms of dating, Brad won’t settle down until he is 35 or 40 years old. But that may come sooner than Brad believes, since he wants to be in real estate business full-time after he retires from modeling. Brad has no interest in a transition to acting or becoming the next Hollywood star, but to be the next Donald Trump, of course without the bankruptcy part.
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Brad Kroenig 
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23 April, 1979 
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