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He has the crystal clear blue eyes, the brown hair and a face with the marked characteristics, who has been portrayed by great professionals of the photography. It is, without a doubt, one of the quoted male models at the moment. Few people have been able to resist to captivating the attractiveness of this man. Moving away from the ambiguous images of some of his companions, Axel Herman has been known to reach the greater benefit from his aspect and to achieve the status of top model. For Stuttgart-born Axel Herman, 24, modeling is forever intertwined with travel. "I was in England, and I met a girl," he says. "And when I went back to Germany, I needed the money, so...." Though he's German, Axel's not the protypical body-building Aryan-hunk type. He's small-framed and dark-haired, logn-lashed and full-mouthed, European-looking but not threateningly or trendily so, a look that lets him segue into Banana Republic and Gucci, for which he starred in the fall 2001 campaigns. He keeps a home in Paris and goes to university in Clogne, Germany; his family is in Stuttgart, and right now he's touched down in Paris, New York and Milan. Axel has worked for great professionals of the fashion. In fact, he has been presented to some important photographers, for example Steven Meisel and Mikael Jansson. With first Valentino worked for a campaign of the Italian company/signature, in which he shared protagonism with Caroline Ribeiro and Karolina Kurkova. On the other hand, Axel is up for Jansson in a publicity of mark DKNY. In addition, Axel, of that they say that it is the most professional model of the moment, has been image of the companies Zara, Gucci and Romeo Gigli, among others. He has traveled through most of western Europe and landed in the American West Coast, where he's fallen in love with the landscape. He's been enthralled by the orange-sand dunes of Namibia ("fantastic - wow"). And Axel is trully amazed by the adventure that modeling offered to him. "It's such a small world," he says. "I met some guy in Milan who was also German, from Berlin, and the other day I was in Central Park, and he was there."
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Axel Herman 
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01 January, 1978 
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