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Brazilian invasion is a term to describe the dominance of Brazilian models in the fashion industry today. Brazil is no longer known as a beautiful country with sandy beaches, but also a major exporter of exotic beauties to the world fashion. Other than all the announced female models, Alvaro Jacomossi is one of the male figures that are making noises. Alvaro Jacomossi was born in 1980 and grew up with two beautiful sisters. The 6'1'', brown-eyed model's career began with the help of an adoring girlfriend who brought him to a modeling agency. He walked through the door, used his humor and good looks to charm the room, and was quickly offered a contract. Alvaro Jacomossi started his promising career by appearing in the national campaign of the Levis. Before the assignment had even been finished, he was called to make the international campaigns of Bloomingdale and Perry Ellis. On the following, Alvaro Jacomossi assumed the roles of spokes model for Versace, Robert Cavalli, and D&G fragrance. He was also featured in the prestigious Italian fashion magazine Vogue - L'Uomo. Alvaro's transition to stardom took place when he appeared in Fall and Winter 2003 campaigns of GUESS?. Alvaro was initially working as a runway model for GUESS Italy. His excitement over his first show was just the beginning. Paul Marciano, co-CEO and Creative Director of GUESS?, was certain Alvaro's beautiful face and muscular build were a perfect fit for the next GUESS? campaign. Despite his incredibly perfect genes, Alvaro remains extremely modest. He describes himself as just "a simple guy."
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Alvaro Jacomossi 
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04 July, 1983 
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