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Since exploding onto the international rugby stage as a teenager in the mid-1990s, Jonah Lomu has become the most talked about rugby player in the history of the game. Now, this most devastating and fearsome of all rugby players has decided to tell his story.. - from his early days on the mean streets of south Auckland to the genteelness of taking tea with The Queen, and from Tauranga to Twickenham plying his trade, Jonah will reveal all. He’ll talk about how he was nearly lost to rugby union after barely one first-class season; of how a debilitating illness forced him to completely change his lifestyle; about his religious beliefs and how they kept him strong when others may have succumbed. Most off all, though, he will talk about those legendary feats on the rugby field that propelled him to the top of A-list of international sporting superstars.
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Jonah Lomu 
Birth Date 
12 May, 1975 
Birth place 
Auckland New Zealand 
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