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"Claudio Chiappucci (born 28 February 1963) had a great professional road cycling career without ever winning the Tour de France general classification - 2nd in 1990, 3rd in 1991 and 2nd again in 1992. His nickname was El Diablo, and he became a very popular rider for some of his audacious rides in both grand tours and one day classic races. His level of performance declined from around 1995 before he retired in 1998. He is famous for a stage that he won in the Tour de France, arriving in Sestriere after a thrilling chase. In his career he had to face another great champion, Miguel Induráin, who declared: ""my victories not would have been so beautiful, if I had not had an adversary like Chiappucci"". Among the awards received by Chiappucci (whom the French call Chiapussě) there is also a silver medal earned in 1994 at the World Cycling Championship in Sicily. Not gifted with an exceptional physique, Chiappucci was distinguished by a gritty, combative style, always ready to attack; he did not hold back in the face of any climb or time trial. He his considered one of the athletes who most contributed to the growth, as a cyclist, of Marco Pantani. "
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Claudio Chiappucci 
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28 February, 1963 
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