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Jonathan Jackson belongs with security to the talentierteren young actors of the dream factory - and the break-through to the serious actor is certain it. Had begun Jonathan steven Jackson its career on the television. He was to be seen from 1993 to 1999 in the popular TV series of "General Hospital". A first, larger role in a motion picture film had that at that time 17jaehrige in the cinema drama "low like the ocean". In this strip it played the son of Michelle Pfeiffer. Moving and moving he contributed his part to the fact that this film became a really mad strip. After TV films, as for example "if nut/mother love for hell", in which he played beside Hayden Christensen ("star Wars"), followed 2002 the Thriller "Insomnia becomes - sleepless", in which he was to be seen beside Robin Williams and aluminium Pacino in a secondary beside role. By the way: The "Newsweek of magazines" requested "star Wars" director George Lucas to occupy Jonathan for the role of the Anakin Skywalker but nevertheless Hayden finally made a running. 2004 became its roles then more largely. On the one hand he was in the unnecessary continuation "Dirty Dancing 2" also of the portion, on the other hand played he in the Stephen King strip "Riding the Bullet" the main role. Jonathan is married since 2002 with actor colleague Lisa Vultaggio. With it he got 2003 son Caleb. In addition it has a brother, Richard Lee Jackson, which are likewise an actor, and a sister, Candace Jackson. (t0705) Filmographie
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Jonathan Jackson 
Birth Date 
11 May, 1982 
Birth place 
Orlando, Florida 
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