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Been born to New York the 9 Sprile 1987 Profession: Actor and Passionate Singer of photography, suffered of the ski and incredible surfista, Jesse McCartney 蠳ia an actor loved from the children who a singer appreciated for its style rock-POP. Been born the 9 you open them 1987 to New York and grown to Irvington in a family of artists he asserts, Jesse McCartney participates to you since small to the musical rappresentazioni realized every year from its parents in the theatre of the comunitࠬocale. This formation pushes Jesse to undertake the career in the world of the show. To single 9 years it comes chosen for the role of Louis in a production of Broadway and, little after, it enters to make part of the National Broadway Touring Company that represents the teatrale job "The King And I". Two years pi䡲di instead it interprets the Scrooge young person in "Christmas Carol" in scene to the Madison Square Garden. To twelve years member decides to dive itself to capofitto also nell musical adventure cos젤iventa before the Sugar Beats (with which then records 4 discs) and of the Dream Street, gettonatissima boy band. The first album of group POP arrives in head to the Billboard Indipendent Album Charts and sells million copies. The songs of the Dream Street piacciono a lot to the public and the critic and come used also like sonorous column of "Pokemon 2000" and "The Little Vampire". The fortunate moment for perࡲriva Jesse when it comes selected in order to dress the cloth of Adam Chandler Jr in the most popular soap work All My Children in wave during the day. Its interpretation allows it to earn the nomination to the Daytime Emmy Awards of 2001 and 2002. In all and two editions it gains the prize like better young person actor. Its apparition in the most famous television film Law & Order and other performances with its band in various television transmissions (between which The Rosie Or Donnel Show and Goodmorning America) they still render it pi㥬ebre. Caught up the happened one, Jesse abandons the Dream Street and tries the solista career. It begins cos젡 to sing in film like "Cinderella Story", "Stuck In The Suburbs" and "She Enchanted". In quest last new version of "Don t Go Breaking My Heart" (Elton John) with to star the Anne Hathaway astonishes to all intonando one. In 2004 it publishes its first entitled album "Beautiful Soul" for Hollywood Records. The CD, hauled from the single one omonimo, 蠵na sweet fusion of sensibilit࠰op-rock, reasons gets passionate to you and of dance rhythms. In the 2004 Jesse it always returns to recite with the role of Bradin in seguitissima the television series Summerland.
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Jesse McCartney 
Actor & singer  
Birth Date 
09 April, 1987 
Birth place 
New York, New York 
Brothers and sisters: Lea & Timmy  
Mail address 

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