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Chris's mother's name was Hajni and his father's Kip King. His mother wa shungarian and a former model. His father was the voice of Tailor Smurf and a member of the comedy sketch ground, the Groundlings. His parents divorced when Chris was two. He grew up in a cabin with his mother and his stepfather near LA in Mount Baldy. On weekends, Chris would visit his father in the city and occassionally watch a Groundling rehersal. In his teens he attended a high school in Seattle and was known as the class clown. His favoirte subject was drama class. Once he graduated, he joined his father's group, the Groundlings and studied acting and directing. He attended California State University, Northridge and appeared in many plays and theater productions. While doing the Groundlings, producer Marci Klien of Saturday Night Live noticed him and recruted him to SNL on March 16, 1996. On the 28th of September that year, he was promoted to cast member, along with Will Ferril at nearly the same time. They became friends at once. Today he still casts on SNL. Currently, he lives in New York and LA.
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Chris Kattan 
Birth Date 
19 October, 1970 
Birth place 
los angeles california 
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