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Gloria Trevi was born in 1970 in Monterrey, an industrial city in northern Mexico. She grew up in poverty in a troubled home filled with violence and too many children. There was often too little food to go around, and survival preoccupied little Gloria's days. Even so, her talent became apparent early. She wrote poetry at the age of five and learned to play the piano and dance ballet. Her parents finally divorced when Gloria was 10 years old, and she lived unhappily with her mother, who treated her badly and discouraged her dreams and creativity. Against her mother's will Gloria left home for Mexico City to pursue her dream of a career as an actress of dancer. Doors did not open immediately for Gloria Trevi. Life in the streets was lonely and difficult for several years. She survived by singing on street corners and buses for change, selling tacos from a makeshift stand and teaching aerobics 12 hours a day. All the while, she studied music and dancing and held tight to her dreams. In 1985, she worked briefly with an all-girl musical group, Boquitas Pintadas (Little Colored Mouths). Finally, Sergio Andrade, a well-known producer, was so impressed with her that he helped her record an album of songs she had written. In 1989, Ms. Trevi persuaded a Mexican record label to release that album, "Que Hago Aqui?" ("What Am I Doing Here?"). Her first single, "Dr. Psiquiatra" ("Dr. Psychiatrist"), rose to No. 1 on the charts seven days after its release and stayed there for 11 weeks. Four other songs quickly moved to the top of the Hit Parade. Television and live performances increased her popularity. She became known for defying cultural stereotypes of female submissiveness by playing the aggressor on stage and undressing hapless males from the audience. A tremendous hit with young people, Ms. Trevi's behavior drew scathing barbs from the conservative press and public. Her second album, "Tu Angel de la Guardia" ("Your Guardian Angel"), was released in 1991 and became an instant hit among young and old in Latin American countries as well as the Hispanic population in the United States. A single from that album, "Pelo Suelto" ("Loose Hair"), turned into an anthem of freedom and joy for Hispanic youth everywhere.
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Gloria Trevi 
Birth Date 
15 February, 1970 
Birth place 
Monterrey, Mexico 
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