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His is an already known face. Twenty years, Milanese, Annalisa Minetti is known from the great public to have participated in the ending of the Contest of Miss Italia '97. Really to Salsomaggiore, the young one not seeing you/he/she is not only distinguished for his/her beauty but also for his/her melodious dowries, interpreting Caruso. Before this positive experience, from the '95 sing in the band Perro Nero, left later two years to undertake the soloist career. You finally introduces to Sanremo Giovani, winning the selection of admission with the Italian version of Hero, of Mariah Carey. It lands to the 48a Edition of the Festival of Sanremo, with the passage Without you or with you, (written and produced by Massimo De Luca), with which is awarded the first place.
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Annalisa Minetti 
Birth Date 
27 December, 1976 
Birth place 
married Gennaro Esposito 
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