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It has from a little finished 18 years but Ann Tatangelo, been born to Sora (Fr) January 9 th 1987, it is the first Artist that to this age has already trodden for well twice the stage of the mythical Festival of Sanremo, and it is prepared to do him/it for the third time this year, produced by Gigi Di Alessio for the G & G Productions S.r.l., with the passage “Girl of outskirts” written on purpose for her by the Neapolitan artist. In fact the great position and determination that this young singer transmits to the public, you/he/she has literally conquered Gigi that already in 2002 you/he/she has duettato with her in the passage “A new kiss”, receiving a great consent of criticism and conquering wide bands of fans. The melodious activity of Ann has very soon beginning, in fact already to the 7 year-old age it participates in demonstrations in provincial and regional circle. But from 1999 it classifies him in the first places of various festivals that begin to make to notice her/it from the various employees. In 2002 there is the first great turn, winning of the selection of the academy of the Song of Sanremo, it enters by law to the Festival of the Italian Song, in the section young people, and the platform is earned arriving first with the passage “Doubly Fragile.” In many they realize than she is for the not common melodious dowries that for his/her accattivante aspect and gait, so much from select venir as coconduttrice of the transmission Sanremo Top, beside Pippo Baudo. 2003 again sees her/it to the Festival of Sanremo, this time in the section Big, together with Fred Stragŕ, with the passage: “To want to Fly”, signed by Bungaro and Claudio Passavanti. In September 2003 it goes out the first cd of Ann Tatangelo of the title “Instant for Instant.” A very variegated album in the style and in the content in which besides passages as “you Race” and to the same “Instant for Instant”, we find “A new kiss” and a very intense version of the unforgettable passage “You him na great thing” of Domenico Modugno. In the 2004 Ann, once more together with Gigi Di Alessio, has been select from the Walt Disney to interpret the passage: “The world is mine”, theme of “Aladin”-the famous film of animation-published recently in DVD, that has wanted riarrangiare Of Alessio and to insert in its recent album. But the activity of the Tatangelo has been intense, in fact, besides devoting around himself/herself/themselves to the manifold concerts for Italy, you/he/she has conducted for Video Italy a program devoted live required by the televiewers to the video, an experience that has strengthened its ability of communication conquering even more a vast public.
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Anna Tatangelo 
Birth Date 
09 January, 1987 
Birth place 
Sora (Fr) 
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