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Born in California on December 13, 1981, Amy Lynn Lee moved around a lot as a child, from Florida to Illinois. Her family finally settled in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the young Amy took enthusiastically to music. In junior high, she joined the choir and attended all-state competitions; in high school, she was the president of her choir council and was involved in the all-region choir, mixed chorus, select ensemble, spring musical, and art club. It was while she was at band camp in 1995 that Amy first met future bandmate, Ben Moody. Amy was playing Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything For Love" on a piano, and Moody was instantly impressed. Throughout high school, the pair composed songs together and formed Evanescence.
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Amy Lee 
Birth Date 
13 December, 1981 
Birth place 
riverside, california, 
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