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Vicki Larson was a character on the TV sitcom Full House played by Gail Edwards Vicki is the type of woman who is very focused on her career, and that proves to be the undoing of her relationship with Danny. They meet and go together while Vicki is filling in for Becky, who is on maternity leave. Danny insists that she take a job in Chicago doing the news that she?s been offered once Becky returns (""Play It Again, Jess""), and that starts a long-distance that goes from early season 6 to midseason 7, and which includes their enggement at the end of season 6. However, Vicki gets her dream job - anchoring the news in New York - and so she cannot come to San Francisco to stay, nor would Danny pull up all his roots with his family in California. Therefore, they break up, and she is not heard from again. However, Vicki is a nice woman who gives good advice, especially when it comes to D.J.?s relationship with Steve and helping Danny to deal with it. She also acts like a mother toward Michelle at least once. She reminds Michelle when she is being quite bossy during their Disneyworld trip - where Michelle is Princess for a Day - words to the effect that a good princess is always nice, and that that?s why the people love her. So she would have made a nice mother, and one can even imagine tht she has some of the same qualities as Pam did. However, her career came first.
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