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Bella, definite and irruenta Paola Perego is born as model for then to affirm him as valid conductor, become above all famous thanks to the daily transmission "Forum", an original format that proposes him to resolve small juridical quarrels in direct tv. The Perego, among the other, she has taken over in transmission after the long season dominated by Rita from the Church, a very beloved character decidedly from her public, with which she had established an enviable relationship of liking and fidelity. From all of this, it is easy to understand as the assignment of Paola has not not at all been easy, being due to conquer the public day for day (that public so withered for her ""loss" " of the loved From the Church). been Born to Monza April 17 th 1966, the beautiful Perego, as says, its career has started, very soon even if initially it is distant from the television reflectors. It begins in fact to sixteen years as model and model, even if its ambitions, were then already well other. It hurries in fact to understand that the world of the gangways doesn't interest her as and therefore solos here it is seventeen years to undergo herself to a series of test-tubes for the tv. The result is that they take her session stante to make the assistant to Spar 3 Lombardy, where she works in comic programs of not easy management as "Ric and Gian graffiti" (with the mythical Rics and Gian) and "The mess", with the well a little known Teo Teocoli. They are transmissions in which the funambolicis protagonists are all born histrions, characters that even they allows also to go to the improvisation and the estroversione of the moment: who finds to their side it risks seriously to see him diminished, put in an angle or badly that is goes ridiculed. Instead Paola, thanks to her strong character and determined, palaces very well the role. Noticed in short as one of the smartest beauties of the moment, in the 84 ago the great jump and it passes the firm that offers her juiciest opportunities to the Fininvest. Already beginning from the first year she takes part or even it conducts numerous transmissions of the newborn Italy 1, the net youngest and ""experimental" " of the packet Finivest. Good bread for the Perego, would be said, a woman that is never frightened in front of the challenges. Here it is then to appear in ""Hitchhiking" ", with Mark Columbro or in the sporting transmissions of Saturday as ""Record" " and ""Superecord" ", ""American Ball" ", ""Cadillac" " and ""Grand Prix" ". And' really in one of these that his/her chiaccherata love story is born with the soccer player Andrew Carnevale, then husband and father of its two children. In 1986 she takes part to ""Blue" " and to the first edition of ""Winning" ", while in 1989/90 it conducts with Maurice Mosca and Caesar Cadeo the first edition of ""Calciomania" " with which wins a Telegatto. In 1991 it passes to Telemontecarlo where it conducts ""Seventh ring" " with Oar Circle and in 1991/92 ""When there is the health" ", program of medicine in wave in first evening. The first edition conducts alone her, the second with Tiberio Timperi. In 1992 it passes to RAI 2 where together to Alexander Cecchi Paone before and to Massimo Giletti then it conducts a beautiful series of transmissions that goes from ""Morning two" " to ""In family" ", from ""Afternoon in family" " to ""Morning in family" ". In 1997 it returns on the nets Mediaset where it conducts ""Aspettando Beautiful" " on Channel 5 and subsequently note the fortunate series of Forum on Net 4. In February 2004 his/her passage to the management of the reality show ""You mole" " on Rai Due you/he/she has aroused different polemics owed to the substitution of Amanda Lear excluded after the lower part listening of the first episode. Then in 2005 the adventure de "You mole" it " moves on Italy 1, where Paola Perego conducts the program with the aid of the ex soccer player (and ex husband of Simona Ventura) Stephen Bettarini.
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Paola Perego 
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17 April, 1966 
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