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x player of volleyball. She has served in the military in serious C), Monica Vanali begins the journalistic career collaborating with the Gazzettino in Padua, therefore it deals him with kick for Teleuropa and for European Diffusion.In 1989 she leaves Padua for Milan where she works for Telelombardia with Here study to you stadium. Later the year lands in Fininvest. In the 1994 care the sporting updatings and the review it stamps The appeal of Tuesday of it, conducted by Massimo De Luca. It conducts (to rotation with the other journalists of the editing) Study Sport, the sporting daily paper of Italy 1, while in 1997/98 it is busy in the festive edition of Italy 1 Sport, close to Maurice Mosca. During the World ones of France 1998 reply with the management of Italy 1 Sport - Special World while in the season 1999/2000 are among the journalists that follow the Champions League taking care of the synthesis of a game transmitted inside the new program Pressing Champions League. In 2002 introduces, on Net 4, with Paul Liguori, Blessed Massola, Alfonso Signorini and Maurizia Mosca, the sporting transmission Without Net. From 1998 to today it belongs to the editing of Controcampo. In 2005 she has placed side by side Paul Bonolis in the transmission Serious A.
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Monica Vanali 
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09 March, 1968 
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