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As conductor of sporting transmissions in private nets, in 1982. The first collaboration with RaiUno goes up again to 1984, with Her rules of the game. Weekly political-cultural conducted by Peter Ottone, in which introduces recorded services. From the 86 to the '94 conduct the external connections of Unomattina, with more than centocinquanta place and reported situations in directed by every part of Italy and the world. Its experience and its interest for the daily reality are deepened with Profit and futile, daily index book of information and service that conducts in study from the '94 to the '96. In the '96 return to its great love, the sport, conducting her sporting Sunday on RaiTre beside Jacopo Volpi and Sandro Ciotti. From the 89 it conducts external connections for variety of first evening: Double game with Pippo Baudo, The festival of Sanremo with Pippo Baudo, Miss Italia with Fabrizio Frizzi, You Mother's Day, do The Brains with Giancarlo Magalli, Bet that? with Fabrizio Frizzi and Milly Carlucci, The country of the wonder, with Pippo Franco and Melba Ruffo (1998). In 1999 it conducts Laraichevedrai, modern magazine of information and curiosity on what offers the world of the television Rai. In June 2001 it conducts, together with Puccio Corona, RaiUno Mattina Summer.
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Monica Setta 
Birth Date 
08 April, 1965 
Birth place 
Rome, Italy 
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