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In the interview released to a magazine it admits of resorts to the plastic surgery to reduce a breast sixth measure as that of her mother, that caused her embarrassment and from small, to school, she forced her to walk hump to hide those two 'things' exaggerated. And she remembers happy the moment in which she has been able to insert a body of two ransoms less. In the interview released to another magazine, glissa on the surgery and it says to have learned to cohabit with her curves. The school of recitation? To win the timidity, the awkwardness, to learn to fight. When she has been select from Pingitore to become the new star of the Bagaglino, she has received the most beautiful compliment from the same one, that considers her guru and pigmalione: "You don't know how to almost do nothing, but you will make road because otherwise from the others 'divine', the women also like you" . it Now says candid, I don't get by badly. She has been launched as the redhead of the show, but we also remember her in chestnut versions and blondes. Her career? Top model and actress of fotoromanzi. Its private life includes two parents to which it is tied up and a husband that momentarily she has left to house, in a country of the shore to few about ten kilometers from Rome. It is greedy, it says to love all of this that is soft as her curves, it is greedy of whipped cream and cream of chocolate and it is a good pasticcera. No, she could never follow a diet as it is owed, depriving herself of the pleasure of the food.
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Milena Miconi 
Birth Date 
15 December, 1971 
Birth place 
Rome, Italy 
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