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Show Italian girl. Been born to Camposampiero (PD) October 9 th 1969.Consegue the diploma of High school Linguistico to Padua and she lives the first experiences of ballerina professional in the company Veneto Ballet. To 1990 she goes up again her first theatrical share instead. A small role in the comedy You surprise of the love of Marivaux. Protagonists are Ottavia Piccolo and I Row Circle. Well soon, however, she moves her affairs on another kind of show. That light. And she starts to take lessons of song. The choice reveals her happy and participates in the first telecasts. As ballerina we see her in the '92 in Warm Water and in the '93 of it The great game of the goose on Raidue. Then she is present in two editions of Good Sunday. The continuous ascent among the '95 and the '96, when she is King for a night and in Fantastic Italian. But above all she becomes the first woman of the Bagaglino. Just in that season she makes him admire in Rose redheads. Then the following year still in Long live Italy, lives the Italians. The '98 protagonist of an episode of the sit-com Farmhouse Vianello also sees her.
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Lorenza Mario 
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09 October, 1969 
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