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Francesca Chillemi is called as sicialian of Barcelona Sink of Gotto (ME), the new Miss Italy 2003. Francesca has been elected to Salsomaggiore Terme in the final of the competition, introduced from Carl Accounts in directed on Raiuno, incoronata from the giuria presided from Claudia Cardinal and the televoto of the public who has called from house. Francesca Chillemi was born on 25th July 1985. She is Lion by birth sign. Her eyes are brown, height 1.71 and weight 55 kilograms. Her measures are: life 69, breast 91, flanks 93. She attends the grammar school classic and she wants to become attrice. She likes to swim, to go in arena, to the cinema and in discotheque. Remained between the three finaliste and asking the ballot, Francesca ringraziato "all those that they have made me to dream", adding a thanks also for wraps it of miss smile, "because a smile is the thing beautifulr than this ® Copyright 2005 - 2019
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