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Using the nickname invented by the Fortune, it can be said that Federica is really a beautiful “Gnagna”. been Born in Rome 31 years ago, black hair, chestnut eyes, have accepted not only the nickname, but you/he/she are risked, for the whole television season 2004/2005, in “Those that the kick” in a competition of ballet with the other ones file of it: the Gnagna Trophy”. you have always won getting the confirmation to captain of the team of the also file for the season of it 2005/2006. Now finally nearby of Simona Ventura, Federica has found that space that meritava.La his/her career begins in 1991, in the Bagaglino as ballerina. From the '93 to the '97 it participates in the program “Blessed among the women”. In 2003 it is assistant close to Paul Limiti in “we see Us in TV”. its first television meeting with the kick happens in 2001, as “letteronza” in the program “Never to say gol”. In 2003 he/she works in the “trial” of proper Biscardi.Ha the measures from Sexi Gnagna (95-65-95 for 1,73), but she prefers to consider him sentimental and reserved. Federica brings the loin-cloth and is a sexy bomb to make to turn the head. It almost never uses short skirts but the same is noticed when it walks for road. Catholic of formation, brings always the santino of Pious Father with herself and often goes him to Mass. To place naked he/she doesn't even think of us and you/he/she has always refused to make calendari.Vive between Rome and Milan where it shares an apartment with Giorgia Palmas and it is engaged with the good soccer player Giuliano Giannichedda. Calcisticamente speaking Federica is separated in two, giallorosa for origins and vocation, bianconera because a soccer player's fiancée zebrato. We are not able whether to congratulate the very beautiful Federica Ridolfi for his/her external grace and for his/her internal beauty. In an interview of Giancarlo Dotto on Max of September 2005 you/he/she has declared: “I am a girl to the ancient believer and convinced monogamist”. Bella, beautiful federica and also nonconformist, countercurrent, because to the ancient one.
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Federica Ridolfi 
Birth Date 
02 March, 1974 
Birth place 
Rome, Italy 
Mail address 

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