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After the classical maturity, it decides that its road is in the world of show business and of the fashion. She works for stylists of relief and among the '95 and the '97 participate in different advertising countries in Italy and to the foreign countries. Then the passage to the television. It is present in three editions of it is not the Rai, in the '93, '94 and '95. You notoriety arrives as velina of Strip the news in the television season '95 / '96. In the same period as actress in the film Boys of the night. The following year, also as fiancée of a soccer player, it is fixed guest to Those that the kick. Its saucy air is the ideal to render less dramatic the tensions of rigors, offside and defeats. And its face becomes family to million of Italians. In the same period it recites by chance The Inaffidabilis, Panarea and Mother of it. Introduces in November '98 famous Sanremos, together with Max Pezzali. With which conducts also in December the connections for Telethon 1998. Guest to a lot of telecasts, the appellative of prezzemolina is earned. And the thing doesn't bother him... In the 1999 performance in Vacations on the snow and Y
voice of the violin. Introduces with Gene Gnocchi and George Mastrota, Meteors, a program devoted to star by now forgotten of the show. In 2000 it is protagonist of a calendar, that makes her conquer great popularity, above all among the masculine public. Always in the same year it conducts together with Samantha De Grenet and Filippa Lagerback Candid Angels, a transmission incentrata entirely on the candid r ® Copyright 2005 - 2019
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