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Nadine Jansen (born December 3, 1980 in Leipzig, East Germany) is a German model, known for her large breasts. Jansen made her modeling debut in February 2000, on the website of fellow model Bettie Ballhaus. She soon rose to prominence in the big bust industry, including appearances on the websites of Danni Ashe and Score magazine within 14 months after her debut. Her own website was launched in December 2001 She was involved in a motorcycle accident in November 1994, when she was 13 years old. A car crashed into her boyfriend's bike and left both of them with several injuries and broken bones. She was treated for 6 months in the hospital and her legs could be saved, but she was left with noticeable scars. Initially she refused to be photographed with the scars visible, but after becoming more comfortable with them, they can now be seen in many of her photos. She left school at the age of 17, and studied to become a pharmacist. She graduated in January 2001. When she started modelling, she possessed a 105 cm (41½ in.) bust measurement, and a European size 80EEE (US size 36EEE) bra. By July 29, 2003 her bustline had increased to 120 cm (47¼ in.), however this was later decreased to 116 cm (45¾ in.). Her bra size has likewise increased to 85H (34H).
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Nadine Jansen 
Birth Date 
03 December, 1980 
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Leipzig, East Germany 
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